#FAQ A few frequently asked questions

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SLM is a new, unique and a very effective speaking training technology. It is based on the principle that a child learns speaking without teachers and without learning grammar and words. By means of rainbow colors and pictures, SLM creates an artificial language environment in which our students can practice speaking and get automatic language skills. At that, they don't need to learn grammar and words. They just look, listen and speak. SLM does the rest. Try our SLM approach for free: Click here 

Free trial is totally free. You will not have to enter your credit or debit card details. To get your free trial, you should just register, proceed to a free course, enroll to the course and enjoy practicing speaking with our beautiful and very effective learning tools: Click here

Beautiful English is the speaking training system built on the SLM principle. The principle is very easy: you don't need teachers, you don't need to learn grammar, you don't need to learn words. You just look, listen and speak. SLM does the rest. Beautiful English consists of many courses that are designed for different levels starting from zero and finishing with upper intermediate level. Visit Beautiful English courses and choose the one suitable for your level: CLICK HERE! 

Usually, it takes from 2 up to 3-5 years to start speaking on a good basic level. Practicing with the Beautiful English Speaking Training System, you can master English on a good basic level withing 1-3 years. It depends on how intensive you practice and how much you speak. The more you speak the quicker you will master English. Many teachers offer quick methods of learning English. However, if you want to learn English seriously, you should know that quick and easy methods don't work. In order to learn speaking English, you should speak. Your brain should get used to thinking in English and your muscles should get used to produce English sounds and words. It needs time. If you are a beginner, register and start from our free courses: CLICK HERE! 

Yes, Beautiful English Speaking Training System is designed so that to enable our students to learn English in the same way they learned their native language. You just look, listen and speak. SLM does the rest. However, if you need English to pass a serious English proficiency test or are going to work abroad, you should learn English on a deeper level. In this case you can open our overview videos in which we explain grammar in a very short and easy manner. CLICK HERE to watch one of such videos.

To practice speaking English with Beautiful English is risk free. It you pass any test you purchased, watched all the videos, did all the speaking exercises, writing exercises and quizzes, but you feel that your English didn't improve at all, you can ask for refund. 

You can start learning speaking English with Beautiful English from level zero, go up to elementary and basic level, pass grammar tenses course and finish with the Grammar Tenses Speaking Training Kit, which is designed for intermediate or upper intermediate level students. We should tell you honestly that only Beautiful English isn't enough to go up to intermediate or upper intermediate levels. It will give you all the necessary knowledge, speaking training tools  and speaking skills. However, to become fluent in English on high levels you should read English books, extend your vocabulary, watch English movies and speak with English speaking people. If you can go from zero to a good basic level within 2-3 years, it will take you another 5 - 10 years to go up to intermediate or upper intermediate level. It depends on how much time and efforts you spend on practicing English. T0 become a good sportsman takes 5 - 10 years. To become a good musician takes also 5 - 10 years. However, many English learners believe that they can master English within months or even weeks. It is impossible. Our brain cannot work so fast. Anyway, never give up. Keep trying. Choose any course suitable for your level and start speaking English right now! Yes, with Beautiful English you can! CLICK HERE